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Title: The Tale of the Heart




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Title: The Tale of the Heart

This is my newest creation entitled “The Tale of the heart”, I wanted to paint something that represented the journey of my condition I had and still have…PE, Pulmonary Embolism which in simple layman is a blood clot on the lung but representing, painting, imaging a lung isn’t sexy…so I used some artistic license and withdrew the lung and substituted it with a heart. The hands represent the pain that was inflicted on me, the hands squeezing my heart causing the pain. This is my 1st attempt at modernism /abstract I don’ know what to cll it as I don’t like to be pigeon holed into a box. But all in all it portrays my personal journey of pain through my on-going condition, the medium used is acrylic on canvas with rein, the heart is encrusted with different coloured Swarovski crystals, gold leaf and encased in resin.

H:50 W:61 W:4cm



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