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Title: Soul in a Jar **NEW PAINTING**

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What if your soul departed but could pass over? What would this look like? The Buddhist believes you don’t die but are re-incarnated in another form. Maybe a panther, maybe a bird! Recycling at its best I think. The idea popped into my head about a year ago and I visualised the image but was looking for the form to put on the canvas. I found a black and white photo and incorporated ( I am still trying to find the author of the photo, so I can give full credits for the photo. ) it into my vision and this is the result entitled: “SOUL IN A JAR”. This is what I think what a human soul would look like if trapped in a jar when passing over to the other side. I have incorporated different mediums and learned a few new techniques to bring this to life. I really do amaze myself sometimes on how I create my creations from my mind into reality. This is not boasting, but my own belief in myself as I looked over my past works, I can definitely see my work evolving with each new works.

Title: Soul in a Jar
Dimensions: H:31″ x W21″
Medium: acrylic on canvas with mixed media encased in resin.


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Dimensions 31 x 31 in


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