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Title : Ghost of Geisha




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This is another of my Geisha paintings, this one s entitled “Ghost of Geisha”, throwing light on the past and present of the world of geisha’s. There have always fascinated me shrouded in mystery and there elegance in the way there dressed and there move. This will be for sale on my website soon . Thank you for looking as ever.
Materials; Acrylic on deep edge canvas, and mixed media. Painted resin with sparkle dust to enhance the black areas.
below is some info into the world of Geisha :
But like their male counterpart the samurai, the geisha and her world continue to fascinate people around the world as part of their image of a mysterious and timeless Japan. While prostitution is often referred to as the “oldest profession” and the history of the geisha stretches back several centuries, and although there have been times when the two overlapped, today’s geisha should really be thought of as traditional entertainers.
Because while many people assume that geisha is just a Japanese word for a prostitute, the somewhat more romantic word ‘courtesan’ is closer in nuance, and even that is misleading when you consider their history. The word geisha itself literally means ‘person of the arts’ – indeed the earliest geisha were men – and it is as performers of dance, music and poetry that they actually spend most of their working time.

Dimensions: Width: 20″ (51cm) Height: 28″ (71cm) Depth : 1.5″ (4cm)

Medium: Deep edge canvas, acrylic, holographic dust, painted resin.


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