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**New Painting** Title: Water – The Gift of life




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HI this is my latest and very pleased with the results of my new artwork entitled Water The Gift of Life. This is of a 3rd world child enjoying the delights of water and all that it brings. In the western world we take the gift of water for granted, we open the tap and hey presto water drops straight out clean, fresh and on tap ( pun intended).In the 3rd World people, children would have to walk lately miles to get water and even that wouldnt be clean and bug free. And this would be done on a daily basis in terrible conditions, this boys shows the delights of playing about in water a plenty. I hope I have convey this on the canvas, and I have also incorporated a few mixed media items into this painting, for instances I have placed Swarovski Crystals where the water has rolled off his face to give a glistening appearance and sparkle of water in the sunlight. I have also resin only the coloured parts of the painting and left the black areas alone to give a 2 tone appearance and depth.

Acrylic and mixed media with “Swarovski Crystals ™” encased in resin.

Dimensions  Height: 76cm           Width:  66cm               Depth: 2cm


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