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**New Painting** Camouflage




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This new painting during my time of Lockdown is titled “Camouflage” as we all put some form of camouflage on ,we use on our face to cover our emotions to protect ourselves from others and the world. A form of self preservation i think , this painting shows a camouflage face , in everyday life people go about with a face there present to world but the real face is protected behind the camouflage there put on . Because there don’t want to be hurt , this is a form of protection and after a while this becomes the norm and we keep the camouflage face on all the time. after a while there won’t go out unless there have there camouflage on . some ladies do this with make up and are told  by the media that there can’t go out unless there have a certain type of make up on and this is thrown at them from all types of social media and I belive there have a lot to answer for but I think there starting to wake up to the back lash that’s going on from women out there. all the colour in my painting  is covered in resin to bring out the colour in the paint and the black is left alone matt so its left in the background, this gives a 3-D effect, i loved painting it and i hope you like it too.

Thank you for looking. Edwin


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