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Geisha Bow – My Asian Affairs Series




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Hi this is my latest painting entitled “Geisha Bow”, I am of mixed heritage so I have rich material to investigate and use in my work. My heritage background is Jamaican, Chinese, Scottish, German and Creole, on this occasion I visited the Asian side of my heritage and this painting of a Geisha has always fascinated me and there secretive world. I have used various mediums and incorporated new techniques learned to finish this painting. Acrylic with Swarovski Crystal and resin.

In Japan, a geisha is a member of a professional class of women whose occupation is to entertain men. She must be adept at singing, dancing, and playing the samisen (a three-stringed musical instrument), in addition to being skilled at making conversation. The geisha system is thought to have emerged in the 17th century to provide a class of well-trained entertainers set apart from courtesans and prostitutes: though geisha sometimes had sexual relationships with clients, they were supposed to entertain primarily through their accomplishments. The numbers of geisha have declined from some 80,000 in the 1920s to a few thousand at present, almost all confined to Tokyo and Kyoto, where they are patronized by only the wealthiest businessmen and most influential politicians.


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