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crazy,SEXY,cool – Marilyn Monroe




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Ladies & Gentle man I presented to you my Trilogy of modern day movie Icons, there under the title of CRAZY,SEXY,COOL. Each icon comes under the title of which there cover.

Sexy Marilyn Monroe has always gone beyond herself and lasted well beyond any other female movie star and become a Sex Goddess. She embodies sexiness in her strides, in the modern day when your average movie female is a size Zero and looks like a stick insect. Monroe was a REAL female as she was a womens woman with a REAL size 14- 16 which IS a real womans size today .She even went to extent in the film Niagara by taking off ½ inch off her heel to enhance her sexy walk. You see, the mind IS the biggest sex organ in the body. She knew what she had and used it to beguile 2 U.S. Presidents. Of all the beautiful women in Hollywood, why her?

Nearly 50 years after Monroe’s death, the question is still worth asking.

Decade after decade, Monroe keeps showing up in popular culture in different guises. In the 1960s she was Andy Warhol’s silk-screened muse; in the ’80s she inspired Madonna’s career-defining “Material Girl” video. More recently, she’s the calculating seductress in last year’s drama “My Week With Marilyn,” the glitzy subject of a Broadway musical (“Bombshell”) in the NBC series “Smash” and the emotionally charged alter ego of pop singer Nicki Minaj in the single “Marilyn Monroe.” The notion of Monroe as a sex symbol doesn’t explain such enduring fascination. Whatever Monroe had, new generations keep going back to her to get it.

Part of her appeal, of course, is purely genetic. Movie cameras love a beautiful woman, but they went absolutely gaga over Monroe. In “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), she was cast opposite no less a figure than Jane Russell, who’s taller, leggier and raven-haired but virtually evaporates next to Monroe’s shimmering blond aura.

All of these paintings are for sale, I would like to sell them as trilogy as there belong together and each one rolls into each other. But there are strong enough to stand alone. All are painted on high quality, deep box canvas with Acrylic and encased in resin to complete the magic and give a deep, glossy finish to each panting.

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Dimensions 40 x 51 x 4 in


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