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Welcome and thank you for coming to see my new creation entitled “Momoko “meaning peach Child. The explanation for name is set out below. I was unaware that Geisha’s, when there training had finished are given a professional name. I Have come back to add to my collection entitled “ My Asian Affairs” as I am of mixed race black and Asian, I have delved into that heritage to explore , and always fascinated with faces and that faces of a different races. This is a little departure as I am using new techniques that I garnished when I was in Thailand a few years ago. I try to incorporate new techniques all the time and the inspiration can come from anywhere or just pop into my head at any time. I hope you like it and thanks for taking interest in my work. Please feel free to give comments or feedback as I am always like to hear from you. Many thanks …Edwin
When a girl becomes a maiko, an apprentice geisha, she takes a professional name (geimei (芸名) or, in older usage, geimyô, “artistic name”) to symbolize her new life. These names are flamboyant, describing the bearer’s beauty, youth, or alluring clothes and perfume; they’re vivid, comparing the bearer to flowers, jewels, and gold; and they’re aspirational, wishing the bearer a long life, many blessings, much wealth, and good fortune. They reflect not only the splendor of the flower and willow world, but the uncertainty of a life spent on the cutting edge of fashion and the raw edge of society
Title: Momoko Peach child (桃子) 1890’s

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