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I paint exclusively portraits but have been known to do a few landscapes when inspired to. I am self-taught artist who had done a BTec National Diploma course in Graphic Design. But I have been painting since I was very small, and have been inspired by the human face ever since. I started out painting on boards and now paint exclusively on canvas.

I have been evolving my work, taking on new techniques and using different art mediums to give different finishes to my work. I now use resin to encase some of my works to give a glossy finish and enhance the acrylic colours, as you know acrylics colours dry do tend to go flat. This I believe gives the painting a 3-d affect and elevates it to a new level.

“I aim to capture a frozen moment beyond the frame and to use colour to unlock the sub-conscious of the character. The colour I use to express emotional issues and problems of the character, I also try to acquire the spiritual and personal expression for each portrait I do. “


Minority females are a major theme of my paintings. I am especially fond of the term “Less is more”: a means through which I believe can thoroughly and delicately express my feelings. About my subject. I stress careful depiction of my characters’ eyes and form, because I feel that eyes and the body vividly and truly reflect a human being’s soul. Characters in my work are often quiet and melancholy, a feeling projected by the purples or red, pink backgrounds.

I try to pass my feelings of the subject through the tones of colour. I try to take out all detail and leave behind what I believe is the essential soul of what makes that person who there are.

I update my site regularly.
Please send me your comments positive or negative, would love to hear from you.

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