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Edwin’s Review of The Talented Art Fair Exhibtion 2019

It was once again that time i ventured to the Talented Art Fair at the Old Truman Brewery in the first weekend of March 2019 in Brick Lane ….. The Curry Capital of London Town. I went last year and was quietly surprised at the pleatoria of talent that is laden there. I have thought of showing my work there but thought best to see it for myself in the flesh and how it works. I made a few friends from last year and kept in contact through Instagram (isn’t technology fantastico?), and so to the day well the weather wasn’t fairing well but that wasn’t going to put me off. First of is Hayley Reynolds, i met her last year and you can’t be helped by her irrepressible energy when she explains her artwork. She creates frescos and in her words
The addition of pigments allows my work to move freely between modern and traditional artistic styles. I like to call my Venetian pieces “a modern twist on fresco, check out Hayleys works at .
Then i moved onto Lubna Speitan and was struck by her night portraits, she mentioned that she was an insomniac and these came from long nights being up. I can agree with that as i too am an insomniac and use my art to do my mind yoga. I was intrigued in how she went about in creating the work. I thought she sketched onto the black painted canvas but ….NO! She free hand the dots and lines by eye. Now that’s dedication for you. Check out her works out at
With some many artists to choose from ….. I was drawn to Sarah Lim-Murray, born in Singapore i liked her plate knife work on “Happy Balloon” and especially on “White Cat” the way used the knife to make waves to construct a dress of sorts. You can see her works at . And from last year back again Soomin Leong, her work is so out there you have to see it to really appreciate it. What she does is to hand cut images the re-construct them in 3-D collage photographs so you can see from all angles and then she encases in glass frame. its something different i have never seen before. And you can see here works at There were many,many more talented artists on show ….can’t wait til 2020….



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