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Edwin’s in the Media !

I came across this when I was checking through my artwork, I forgot that I gave permission for my artwork to be used in a on-line publication. It feels good to be published !

the gonzo media archives.,

Daredevil c/o : Edwin Lue-Shing

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gonzo media.,
gonzo media is an experimental unedited/ongoing magazine format., and these are its online archives,. to get involved email .,

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gonzo media is a collaborative media project, producing an unedited, online, live magazine for the instruction of all…it is submission based and relies on the work of submitters to engage enrage and educate a world of people… The taxi driver leaned around in his chair to face me, well he said, where to? Lothian road, i said., ha, he laughed, you wanna know my philosophy..? well, do you..?

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Title: Daredevil       Medium: Acrylic on board.

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