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Review of The Talented Art Fair 2018

Well just got back from the Talented Art FairOld Truman Brewery, I did say to myself that I would stay for around for a couple of hours BUT ended staying right to the end…that’s how much the exhibition captivated me …shall we begin? YES! this was something I was, and then wasn’t going to …luckily for me I went for go part ! It was well worth the visit though . The diversity of artist was incredible and still I’m being blown away with things artists think up. Arrived in Brick lane but the fair isn’t very well signposted ( note to organiser!), it was by luck I saw a girl handing out leaflets for the fair that I knew where to go ! I made my way in and was  greeted by a vast array of walls laden with golden nuggets of artistic endeavours for me to look at ..i saw so many artists and we spoke and exchange ideas and work methods and inspiration for there works. There were so many works there , so I will talk about the few that caught my eye.

Arturo Garcia’ de lash eras (@agheras73) , I didn’t know he  was also at Artrooms 2018 where I was showing as well, so we had something in common. His work  was very technical and involved  a lot of work and a lot of mediums included. His images are  of crowds of people and portraits but executed in a classy way.

Now Katie Bucket ( she was my personal fave, her work spoke to me, she too is a portrait artist but her work just captures you the 1st time you see it…Fantastico! Big, colourful faces executed fantastically well…she is a unique artist indeed…love her work! Check her out!!

Then I came upon “Soomin Leong”…when she explained the process of her work my head started to hurt…she does 3-D pictures constructed from paper and placed in a frame she gets printed images and then cuts them up and arranges them in is very intricate but the finished images are amazing. these images do not do her work justice trust me .check her out at : 

And then there is Lou the Artist (…she uses’ chocolate sweet foil wrappers as well as sparkling wine bottle top foil, she arranges them on clear perplex, the patterns are very soothing to look at and then she produced the light bulb moment…there backlit with a soft glow. Again another use for sweet foil papers…the ingenuity it seems is endless.


Loreta Ruiz ( is a Spanish abstract tic artist and uses collages to construct images, using material such wallpaper and card and then paints over the top. Very beautiful artwork.

These are a few that took my eye, there was a lady artist, who paint trees and then encased them in resin BUT also used real gold leaf glued onto the canvas, but it was the way the trees were done that intrigued me (the technique I shall be using in a future painting for sure!). She drops different colours paint in droplets to form the tree leaves …the outcome is truly breathless and the painting would command any room. I tip my hat to her,…….


And then to the last talented lady ..Hayley Reynolds ( , she uses marble plaster and composite metals witch react to water to change the chemical content giving it different colours and textures. I very enlightened with this process. Really great meeting her. Did not know of this process but do now.



This was a very good place to get you self out there  but…. the cost from when I spoke to the exhibitors is a touch pricey, meaning you would have to clear £800 1st before you making profit plus the house take and extra 15% commission on painting sales ! From what I also gather the preview night was very quiet but then again we did have the “Beast from the East” plus “Hurricane Emma” to contend with, so I guess that could be construed as very bad timing. But over all on the artistic front very high calibre of work exhibited her….next year roll on……. Edwin




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  1. Dear Edwin,
    Thank you for the lovely review!
    Just one thing, the event isn’t actually held in Brick Lane, the venue is off Hanbury Street; unfortunately Truman Brewery’s Head Office address is in Brick lane.
    But we try to make this as clear as possible on all of our posters, flyers, website and social media profiles.
    Anyway, hope to see you at the next one.
    Best wishes,

    1. HI Oliver
      NO Problems , I told it as I saw it and it was a wealth of talent here and gave me new ideas of which I am incorporating into my new artworks. Good luck with your up and coming shows.


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