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Critic Review on Artrooms 2018 show

Well,  I am happy to announce that my work has  been reviewed by  Eddie Hewitt ( web site: I was quite taken aback but was he was very taken with my work and sent me this review on my work at “Artrooms 2018”.

Art Rooms 2018

January 28, 2018


January at the Meliá White House Hotel. Is it really a year since the last Art Rooms in London? And could the 2018 exhibition live up to the exceptionally high standards set in previous years? Yes and yes. The event does seem to have come round remarkably quickly, and it was as extensive and as inspirational as ever.

This year I enjoyed an introductory chat with event founder Cristina Cellini, who made me feel welcome once again and part of the Art Rooms family. I also spent more time talking to the artists, which I found highly rewarding, though I ended up scrambling to take in all the exhibits in all of the corridors. Four hours was just not enough. Here, I have picked out my annual selection of favourites for your consideration.

Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing
China / Project Art competition winner

The term that springs to mind here is ‘artistic creations’. Edwin’s works have so much going on. His pictures are bold, distinct and captivating, demonstrating creativity in the process as well as in the actual image. They have the appearance of being painted on glass or ceramic, but they are actually paintings on canvas, using blended acrylics, coated in resin. The resin is applied hot and moved around by the artist’s hands, with the aid of clingfilm for control, and finally breathed on to disperse any bubbles. A perfect surface results. Glitter is mixed in with the resin to create a semi-secret sparkling effect, which you can only see in certain lights.



African Violet by Edwin Barrington Lue-Shing (image via artist’s website)

In some cases, the images may be familiar, but they have been re-imagined and reconfigured. Edwin likes to present a fresh and striking approach to his subjects. Native Wisdom, conveying balance and eminence, is stoic and dignified. Pink Tiger in a Blue World smoulders. Sins of Man, a disturbingly titled and otherwise intriguing image of a young girl, represents the hidden corruption of mankind. African Violet is especially magnificent. This was the piece that gained him his votes in the Art Rooms contest. In his series Crazy Sexy Cool, Jack Nicholson, the crazy one, is great fun. Marilyn Monroe is sexy and Steve McQueen is cool.

The artist with (L-R) Revelation, African Violet, Native Wisdom
and Pink Tiger in a Blue World

Edwin is s a Connected Cultures star, with Chinese, Jamaican, German, Scottish and Creole connections.


Well how can I follow that …you can’t, so I will let it sit there.


Thank  you for looking. Edwin


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