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Artrooms 2018

Well back from Artrooms 2018 via #projectart  voted in by the general public a was very heart-warming. knowing that people who you never seen before loved you work enough to vote for you. Brings a lump to the throat I can tell you. This is the 2nd time in row I have shown at #Artrooms , I have qualified last year so I’m really proud to thee again. In Room, 194 with my fellow 3 x artists Alize, Armando & Irena all great artists in there own right. We really got on together. The public were really great and asking lots of question of our work. I must say a massive thanks to Johannes, founder of #Projectart  and his team who helped with our every whim. It was a pleasure to work with them. Although I didn’t sell any of my work, the whole experience was well worth it. because there was 4 of us in the room, this gave me a chance to go visit the other artist and there was so much diversity and different ways of working, it just got my artistic juices flowing again. I’m hoping to attend Artrooms 2019….well you never know eh?

An American artist who is so talented….

This Lady painted with her fingers…the realism was fantastic….

The #projectart room with my fellow artists

Another talented artist with my sister walking into shot…

2 of my works in the #projectart room

This still gets me , mind-blowing !!! every time I look at it…it looks different?

The #Projectart room minus Armando…where are you Armando?

A great photographer and artist….Gabby with her sparkles artwork,,

Here are some shots of the 4 days , thanks again to all those people who voted for me and supported me on this journey ….Thanks ! Edwin

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