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Well I just finished off a painting en-titled “Aura”, this is a of a 3rd world child. I tried to capture the should and innocence of the child and that’s I think reflected in the eyes.

I always try when starting a painting to work from the eyes, everything comes from the eyes and if I don’t get the eyes right everything else do not follow. I do the child of the 3rd world as I there haven’t voice and I try to be there voice, to show their struggles and pain. I mostly a people watcher, the fact that amazes every time is that nature can make 12 billion and counting people and everyone is original and unique. This is something man has tried to replicate and failed, we have been on this planet a mere few thousands of years but nature has been here for millions of years perfecting her art of evolution to get the perfect being. that’s is why the alligator hasn’t changed for millions of years…how can you improve on something that is a perfect killing machine and very few enemy’s. This is the same for man…but the only thing for us is we have an imagination, which from what I gather is limitless. That’s my thoughts for today. See you soon, I’m choosing my next subject for my new painting. Look out soon to be posted here 1st.


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